New Home Connection™ is a group of Realtors associated with Century 21 Top Realty Group in Colorado Springs, Colorado, specializing in new home sales.

Glenda Miller - Director of New Home Connection

Glenda Miller – Director of New Home Connection

New Home Connection™ is lead by Glenda Miller, who also serves as Director of Business Development (DBD) at Century 21 Top Realty Group. Glenda has been a Realtor in Colorado Springs since 1983 and has been operating as New Home Connection™ since 1996. She is professionally recognized as a leader in real estate and someone who is personable, caring, and easy to deal with.

Above all, New Home Connection is renown for the quality and effectiveness of its websites and an unwavering dedication to honest, ethical business practices.

In addition to new home sales, Glenda specializes custom home sales, and provides assistance and support to those who wish to buy or sell homes in the Colorado Springs area, as well as those who are relocating to the area. Visit Glenda’s Colorado Springs real estate website for more information.